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When you choose to work with CrossMcShane, you can be assured you will have the experience needed to offer sound legal counsel.  When the fabric of family bonds become damaged beyond repair, you need a seasoned family lawyer.  It is our privilege to represent you, whether that be in court, at the negotiating table, or in a collaborative process. 

The lawyers at our Dallas law firm have a combined 70 years of experience helping clients in Texas and other states handle the often-emotional family law issues.   We offer creative but realistic legal advice tailored to help each client reach their goals and best possible outcome after divorce. 

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If you’re considering a divorce or in the middle of a divorce, it’s critical that you have an effective advocate and protector in your corner — because your spouse probably will. Learn how our experienced divorce lawyers can help.

Marital Agreements​

We believe in true love, but we also believe in being prudent and realistic. Unfortunately, 50% of marriages end in divorce. If you’re considering a premarital agreement, or a post-marital agreement, a knowledgeable family law attorney at CrossMcShane is ready to discuss your personalized needs.


Adoptions are complicated matters. It’s essential to have a family law attorney by your side who knows the process and its pitfalls. We frequently help hopeful adoptive parents negotiate the many steps of this life-changing process smoothly and with minimal stress.

Child Custody & Support

Your children are your most precious treasure, and when it’s time to protect their emotional, physical and financial well-being you should have a knowledgeable and experienced family lawyer by your side. Many studies document the pronounced adverse effect of a poorly handled family law case on children. Discover how our dedicated child custody and child support lawyers will fight for your children's future.

Enforcement Actions

When a former spouse is not honoring the terms of a divorce decree or support or custody order, frustration is common, and tempers can flare. Your lawyer should be the calm in the proverbial storm for you. The no-nonsense lawyers at CrossMcShane will hold the offender accountable, seek from the court the appropriate punishment for the offender, and provide the offender a disincentive for future violations.

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The legal team of CrossMcShane is dedicated to helping clients and families navigate the confusing, complex and often emotionally challenging world of family law. We understand the importance of family and are committed to ensuring yours is protected, not only during the legal process but for years to come.

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There are dozens of family law attorneys in the Dallas-Fort Worth- Metroplex area, however when you choose CrossMcShane you will immediately be able to feel the difference.

From the moment you schedule your consultation, through the family court process and, even more importantly, after your case is closed, you will realize that we are more than just a law firm. We are a caring, considerate and compassionate team of friends and companions—even family—who are dedicated to our client’s cause, intent on providing you with the legal guidance required to get the outcome you and your family needs and deserves.


John V. McShane


For over forty years family law attorney John McShane has been helping families throughout Texas and other states navigate the legal world of divorce, child custody, child support and adoption.


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For nearly three decades family law attorney Ronald Cross has helped Texas families through the legal process of divorce, child custody, child support and adoption.


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