About Us

The trusted family law attorneys of CrossMcShane have a long history of helping families in Texas and other states navigate challenging and often complex matters dealing with divorce, child custody, spousal support, child support, adoption, and more. Our experienced family law attorneys have a combined 70 years of experience assisting clients with these delicate, and often emotional issues that change lives forever.

You can count on CrossMcShane’s experienced family law team to offer creative but realistic legal counsel with care and professionalism. We understand that this process may be a difficult and unfamiliar one for many, therefore we strive to minimize stress for our clients while achieving the best possible outcome for them.

Meet Our Family Law Team

John McShane, Partner

Family law attorney John McShane has more than four decades of experience helping families navigate the legal world of divorce, child custody, and child support. At CrossMcShane we believe that at its core, family law requires a deep understanding of human relationships and behavior as well as law. John’s lifelong study of the human condition, his early years as a criminal defense attorney, his unique life experiences, and his interpersonal skills provide him with deep insights into the dynamics of family law cases. Any family law attorney can recount what the opposing spouse did; John can usually tell you why they did it. This quality gives John’s clients a significant advantage in tactical planning and case management that has led to his being one of the top divorce lawyers in Texas. 

Throughout his career, John has been committed to doing whatever it takes to reach the right long-term solution for his clients. The result of this dedication has been numerous awards and accolades earned, however, John knows the best reward is an empowered, satisfied client.

Ronald D. Cross, Founding Partner & C.E.O.

Attorney Ronald D. Cross has been helping Texas families navigate divorce, child custody, child support, and adoption for nearly thirty years. Throughout his career, Ronald has demonstrated not only his deep knowledge of family law but also his determination and compassion for ensuring the best outcome for his clients.