Attorney's Creed

  1. The biggest complaint family law clients have about their lawyers is the failure to promptly respond to telephone calls, emails and text messages. A member of the CrossMcShane team will respond to all such contacts on the day received.
  2. CrossMcShane clients will be provided contact information of the attorneys of the CrossMcShane team including direct e-mail addresses, personal cell phone numbers and direct office numbers.
  3. Clients may contact CrossMcShane attorneys at any time seven days a week regarding urgent matters.
  4. We are committed to remembering that our clients are more than just their family law case and that our client’s cases impact their lives not just today but into the future as well. Because of this belief, we strive to offer our clients advice and counsel that advance both the purpose of the case as well as the client’s core principles.
  5. CrossMcShane believes that there is a better way to practice family law than the traditional litigation model. We will recommend and represent clients in alternative forums such as collaborative law, arbitration, and mediation when doing so advances the client’s goals. We believe, however, that alternative forums work best when the client is prepared for the ‘courthouse trial’ and are always working to be ready for trial.
  6. Most family law clients will eventually receive the following email from their family law lawyers:
    “I will be out of the office from ____ to ____ and will have limited access to email. If you need assistance, please contact my assistant, ___________, at the office.”
    You will never receive this type of email from a team member at CrossMcShane. Although we all have rich family lives and enjoy vacations, we never take a vacation from our clients. CrossMcShane team members have returned clients’ telephone calls and emails while floating down the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe, Africa, riding a camel in the Sahara Desert and on board a National Geographic expedition ship in Antarctica.
  7. CrossMcShane will send to the client a copy of every case-related document received by the CrossMcShane office or sent out by the CrossMcShane office. Many family law firms do not send copies of emails and text messages to the client. In some cases, this results in important nuances of the case not being available to the client.
  8. Many family law clients feel intimidated by the attitudes of their lawyers and are afraid to complain about or criticize the lawyer’s services. CrossMcShane welcomes constructive criticism and desires to know of and resolve complaints. We view these as teachable moments where we can learn, improve, reduce the client’s stress or anxiety, and form a closer and more successful relationship with a client.
  9. CrossMcShane recommends that clients closely scrutinize the CrossMcShane billing statements and bring any perceived irregularities to our attention. We will happily make adjustments to our statements if we have made errors.
  10. CrossMcShane will conduct periodic case management meetings with the client to make sure the client understands what has happened in the case thus far and provide the clients with a plan, a “roadmap” if you will, to a timely and successful outcome.
  11. If a client is dissatisfied with CrossMcShane services, the firm encourages them to obtain a second opinion from a qualified Board-Certified Family Lawyer.
  12. With approval of the client, CrossMcShane will provide the client’s complete file to the lawyer providing the second opinion and fully cooperate with him or her.
  13. Every morning, the CrossMcShane team members ask themselves and each other how they can make a client’s family law experience easier and less stressful that day.
  14. At the end of communication with a CrossMcShane team member, they will ask “Is there anything else I can do for you?” This assures the client that the CrossMcShane team is proactive and attentive to the client’s needs – even if they have been previously unspoken.


Office Hours

Please call ahead to schedule an appointment if possible, but we understand that things happen — so we keep our doors open.