Practice Areas

When selecting the right lawyer you can’t afford to put your faith in someone with limited knowledge and even less experience. You deserve a family law practice who understands exactly what you and your family are going through. You need a family law firm that has chosen to be dedicated solely to fighting for people just like you. A firm that doesn’t simply take a divorce, child custody or child support case—rather a team that specializes in them. Our diligent commitment to family law and taking care of our clients is the solid foundation upon which the law firm of CrossMcShane has been built.

Family Law

At CrossMcShane we understand each client is unique. Whether the issue is ownership of a multi-million dollar family business or identifying the parent with whom the children will reside, we take all of our family law cases seriously, always focused directly on achieving our client’s goals.

Child Custody

Whether you’re fighting for the right to make decisions for your children, physical custody or both, you need a dedicated Texas child custody lawyer who understands how the court determines the best interest for the child. The family law firm of CrossMcShane knows how to prepare the strongest case to present on your behalf, whether at mediation or at trial.

Modification of Orders

Family law orders often become unworkable because of changed circumstances or the passage of time. In those instances, modification actions may be filed to help change or adjust existing spousal support, custody or child support orders. Often these modifications to existing court orders can be very involved and complicated. When you choose CrossMcShane to help modify existing orders you can rest assured we will work diligently to ensure the court understands the reasons for your requests and the legal basis supporting modifying an order.


The adoption lawyers of CrossMcShane are experienced in helping hopeful parents through the entire adoption process in Texas. There are numerous, complicated steps that must be managed by someone who not only understands everything involved in adopting a child, but also relates to the emotions involved in this life-changing decision.


We know that ending a marriage isn’t an easy decision. Clients have often come to a crossroads in their life after numerous sleepless nights, moments of self-doubt and constant worry about not only their future but the future of their children. We understand, and we can relate to what brought you to this decision. Throughout the emotional roller coaster known as divorce, rest assured, we will be there for you.

Child Support

Here at CrossMcShane we are experienced with dealing with even the most difficult child support cases. We understand all of the nuances involved with Texas child support law and are seasoned child support attorneys. We will provide the strategy, representation and implementation required to negotiate with mediators and present your case to the court to help you receive the most favorable outcome.

Marital Agreements, Premarital Agreements & Post Nuptial Agreements

Our family law attorneys can be your best ally to put your mind at ease regarding marital agreements, premarital agreements as well as post nuptial agreements. These types of legal contracts have become more common in recent years and in no way are intended to cast doubt on your marriage, but rather utilized as an effort to avoid complicated, uncomfortable situations in the future.

Enforcement Actions

Any final order, whether a final divorce decree or order affecting custody or support, contains a list of “rules” to which each party must abide. There are situations, however, where one side simply refuses to follow through with their end of the agreement or order. In these instances our attorneys are able to step in and present your case to a family law court and make every effort to ensure the at-fault party holds up their end of the agreement.